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I'm a Spanish translator who visits Spain frequently and often visits during the Christmas season, when Spain is cold and airfares are low.  In 2004, I walked the Camino de Santiago from Roncesvalles to Santiago. It must have been the influence of the patron saint of Spain, Santiago (St. James the Greater), because after so many years of seeing and admiring Spanish Nativity scenes, figures and Christmas markets, it occurred to me for the first time that other people, particularly Americans, might enjoy seeing them, too.

This website is an attempt to share my enthusiasm with you and to show you the wonderful artistic and religious treasures of Spain.  I had planned to include a storefront, but the logistics of running an import business were beyond me. Therefore, I have included a new page (Dec. 2010) that will give you leads on where to buy belen figures in Spain, thus not only bringing something of beauty into your homes, but encouraging the artisan Nativity figure industry of Spain. 

I hope you will enjoy my experiences of this tradition, the photos I have taken on my trips to Spain, and the great depth of Spanish art, history and faith that lies behind them.

If you'd like to contact me with any questions or comments, please write to me at
I have removed the comment form that used to be in this space because it unfortunately made it very difficult for me to receive or respond to comments.  I hope my e-mail address will provide a better solution, because I love receiving comments (in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or French) and I try to respond to them as soon as possible.

                                Buen Camino!

                                Elizabeth Duran Gessner

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